2013-07-08 17:36:07 Marrakech tour

Marrakech tour- Day 1

Marrakech day trip: In moroccodunes we are always keen to be different and give our guests the best services to enjoy the maximum in every day trip. In ouzoud waterfalls day trip we do not visit the waterfalls but we will visit two interesting place : -Iminifri bridge:a very beautiful and natuirel bridge,at 6 km of Demnate, where you can clamber down into the gorges and pass thrpough this toothy and where youy can see a lot off defferents type of birds. -Witnessing the passage of the dinosaurs: You can see ancient imprints of their feet on the scene! There are three kinds of tracks represented by various forms. Oval and large traces are those of a large herbivorous dinosaur heavy bearing the scientific name Bréviparopus taghbaloutensis , gender is Bréviparopus , the species is Taghbaloutensis , the latter name comes from the small hamlet that houses these traces , it s’ called taghbaloute which means Tamazight source. The other is a black-legged dinosaur (three fingers ) , his footsteps like bird legs, it is carnivorous , lightweight and good runner. More detail: Marrakech Excursion