Essaouira day trip

Morocco dunes your driver on mesure.Our team, multilingual, organizing tours in the desert by camel or 4X4. All tours are customized for groups of 2 to 50 people, thanks to the know-how of its experienced.



After 2h we reach the city Located on the Atlantic Ocean, Essaouira is a small tourist town, known for the simplicity of it’s people, it’s harbor, it’s fortress, it’s old Medina and its traditional architecture (lanes souks ..). it is important not to forget the annual festival of Gnawa and the windsurfing championship of. All these elements and others attract a large number of artists.We back to Marrakesh in the end of this Essaouira day trip through Argan forest.

history In the seventh century BC . Phoenicians s’ stops on the island of Mogador when down to black Africa. The Romans later install a manufacturing center purple , this bright red dye which gave its name to the Purple Islands off the coast of Essaouira.
There are the Portuguese established a military detachment and a trading post . It traded products manufactured in Europe against gold , salt, sugar, ostrich feathers. thus the city of Mogador developed until the sixteenth century . A Morocco’s independence in 1956 , the city found the name of Essaouira … it is also the beginning of its decline. In the ’60s , Essaouira became the favorite refuge of the hippies. several film also are made, as Orson Welles who run several scenes for his film “Othello” and Jimmi Hendrix and his peers of the “beat generation” stayed there in the 60s .
old houses are restored riads and the Kasbah .

Essaouira day trip prices include transportation, fuel .

Quad biking in the dunes of Essaouira: 35€/1hour



Durantion: 1 day

Private Transport: included

Accomodationand meals: included

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