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Morocco camel trekking

3 days Morocco camel trekking

Day 1: Departure in the morning from the village of M'hamid accompanied by a guide and camels towards the region of Bertham (region occupied in ancient times by nomads during the spring) Stop the shade of the tamarisk, lunch and tea to the homeless. In the afternoon, our caravan continues to Oued Naam where we set up the camp for our first night in the desert. Day 2: After breakfast and loaded our luggage, we walk to the outside (old caravan trail to the Western Sahara) through the Draa Hamada.  stop along the way for lunch, and continue to set up camp before sunset. Overnight in tents in the desert. Preparation of sand bread. Live music around the fire. day 3: Departure in the morning towards the end of the oasis of M'hamid passing through the dunes Duib. Lunch under the palm trees in the oasis. In the afternoon, visit the ancient Kasbah de M'hamid (explanation of the history of this kasbah that was inhabited by a oroginal population from the south of the great Sahara Africa) After the Morocco camel trekking, we return to the village of M'hamid.