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Marrakech tour- Day 2

Peit Reitsma and Martin Rietsma, a Dutch couple, fifteen times of travels with Morocco Dunes, wrote us the following summary: Morroco experience About seven years ago I travelled for the first time to Morocco. It was not my idea to go there but a view friends confines me to go with them paragliding in the south of Morocco. After this marvelous experience, I’ve been there now for about fifteen times. The last four years I arrange, in cooperation with my wife, tours through the south of Morocco with a small group of people. These adventures I couldn’t made without the help of our friend Cheikh and Moroccodunes. Without his experience and knowledge it was very difficult to travel. He knows everything about the country and history and knows a lot of people all around Morocco. The first time we met was in the year 2007 when we went for paragliding. He was our guide for one week. After a few days I realize that Cheikh become a friend. We could talk really good and I could ask him everything. The experience with Morocco I must say is very good. The beauty of the country is printed in my mind. The people we met were very polite and friendly. Cheikh now runs MORROCODUNES very well. Also the experience of other people convince me of his talent of a good tour operator. Piet Reitsma(info@pietreitsma.nl). Pay Bas Marrakech Tours