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Essaouira Festival

Essaouira Festival or Gnaoua Festival, or (Festival Gnaoua and World Music), held at the beginning of each summer in the city of Essaouira. is a festival that attracts artists around the world. Since it’s inception  in 1998. Gnawa is a very popular folklore present in most towns and villages in Morocco, inhabited by the blacks, which are brought by caravans of traders from several sub-Saharan African country. Like Guinea. Slaves imported to the ends of the 16th century.) And the designation of Gnawa is a distortion of the right of the original name, which was "Kenya" (Guinea) Guinea or slaves as they always call before full integration into Moroccan society, and yet "Gnaoua folklor" present in most towns and villages in Morocco, including the slaves had come to Morocco with gold. The festival showcases the great Mâalemines (Masters) Gnaoua playing the mystical and sacred music Gnawa. Become very famous by the musical mix between the Gnaoua musicians and the greatest musician of all the world. Hundreds of thousands of visitors from around the world are attracted by this great musical event. The festivities take place throughout the city, mainly in the two large doors of Essaouira. Was very active during this festival for a week. attract about 450,000 people because of its reputation throughout the world. Essaouira Tours